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Let’s Play “Tech Truth Or Dare”!

By developer / April 11, 2018

Your cybersecurity practices shouldn’t be treated like a game of chance unless you are 300% certain you’re going to win. What can you do to make sure your business isn’t the ultimate loser? Is technology today the endless cycle of cat-and-mouse, with the bad guys always one step ahead? A quick search for “cybersecurity best…

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Want Your World At Your Fingertips In Just One Simple Step? You Got It!

By developer / April 9, 2018

The digital revolution has changed our world in unimaginable ways – and for the better! Tools and applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote aim to make our lives easier, in one simple step. Have you ever stopped to think about Microsoft’s naming convention? It’s probably not something that crosses your mind as you open…

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My IT is Compliant, So I Guess That Means It’s Secure, Right?

By developer / March 21, 2018

Short answer? No. Despite what you may have been led to believe, there’s a big difference between compliance and security. IT compliance and security are not the same. IT Security refers to the best practices and IT solutions used to protect your technology assets, information, and data. It’s the process of implementing specific measures and…

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